Property Management Service

Our property management services are designed keeping in mind the unique needs of an NRI homeowner

No travel required

Since we provide end-to-end management of rental properties, you will never be required to visit the house.

All rental paperwork will be taken care of by our team in India. You will just need to eSign all agreements and documents.

No broker or family member involved

Unlike brokers, we document and update our rental process online. We ensure you get a fair and best possible rent for your house.

We also conduct police verification of all the tenants living with us. Their ID and address proof are provided to you on our website and app.

Complete visibility

Every step of the rental process is documented and updated online immediately. This lets you have an eye on your house always.

House Protection

From cleaning and upkeep to regular fixes in the house, we will see to everything to keep your home in the best possible condition.


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